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Sony Corporation announced that it would reform its management structure in order to lead the evolution of its businesses and make diversity of its portfolios a further strength.

Effective April 1 2021, the trade name Sony will change to Sony Group.

Currently, Sony has head office functions for the Group and electronics business, but by separating and redefining these functions, Sony Group will specialize in the Group’s head office functions.

Sony Group’s main missions are to manage its business portfolio and capital allocation based on it, create value through group synergies and business incubation, and invest in human resources and technologies that are the foundation of innovation from a long-term perspective in order to increase the value of the Group as a whole.

The change in the company’s name from Sony to Sony Group is subject to approval at the company’s general meeting of shareholders, so the company plans to submit the issue at the general meeting of shareholders to be held on June 26.

With the establishment of Sony Group, the trading name Sony will be succeeded by its subsidiary Sony Electronics, on April 1 2021.

In the Electronics segment, the company plans to continue offering real-time products and services based on sound, video, and communication technologies.

It also plans to take on the challenge of developing new business domains from a long-term perspective, such as remote solutions that connect people and people with things, and medical business.

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