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AbemaTV Inc announced about setting up a counseling service on May 27 for onscreen performers, aiming to address such issues as online slander and harassment on social media platforms, and also provide legal guidance.

In the event that a performer is slandered or harassed on the Internet or SNS, the Counseling Desk shall collect and examine evidence, request disclosure of personal information based on the Act on Limitation of Liability of Provider, submit a report of damage to the police, and take legal procedures in cooperation with a law firm.

By taking such measures, the company aims to build favorable working environment for onscreen performers.

While Abema has produced many romance reality shows till now, the company has always carefully considered the concept of its shows, prioritizing performers’ wishes.

Considering Abema’s main audience are young people who actively use internet, the company is seeking to promote healthy and positive experience on online platforms.

Original Text: https://ampmedia.jp/2020/05/27/cyber-agent/