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Japan Social Media Association (SMAJ), which includes Facebook Japan, Twitter Japan, ByteDance Ltd and Line Corp among its members, issued an urgent statement concerning the posting of contents intended to damage the reputation and insult on social media.

It is said that SMAJ is making efforts toward the ethical use of social media in order to prevent such acts as posting content intended to defame or insult individuals through the Internet or through the use of SNS.

Against the backdrop of the painful situation that has been reported recently, SMAJ believes that effective measures must be taken in dealing with the situation.

Specifically, while respecting the freedom of expression of users and the protection of confidentiality of communications to the maximum extent possible, necessary and effective measures will be implemented based on the following items, and a special committee consisting of all directors of SMAJ will be established in order to consider further measures in the future.

Clarification of prohibited matters and thorough implementation of measures prohibit acts such as harassment of others, defamation of individuals, and posting content intended to insult individuals.

In addition, when an act falling under prohibited items, etc. is identified, necessary and appropriate measures such as suspension of use of all or part of services shall be thoroughly implemented.

In addition, the Special Committee will make efforts to improve the transparency of the efforts of the entire industry by publicizing the content of the measures and verifying the effectiveness of the measures. In the use of social media, the Special Committee will conduct further educational activities aimed at positive use of social media and educational programs aimed at improving the morale of information by related organizations.

The association intends to collaborate with governments and related organizations to promote the development of an environment for social media use, and to coordinate necessary measures.

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