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Toppan Printing Co Ltd announced that it replaced the “skin pack” backing, which can completely seal and vacuum-pack foods, with paper material, and began selling a new packaging system called “Green Flat” in response to recent demands for “plastic removal.”

The Green Flat food packaging.

Skin packs are packages that can be completely sealed and vacuum packed by heat-bonding the product and the backing paper without clearance.

For complete sealing, drip, which is the water from the food when the food is stored, is suppressed, and the freshness of the food is maintained and the shelf life of the food is extended.

The product is currently being used mainly in Europe, North America, and Asia.

The Green Flat, which will be launched this time, is able to maintain freshness and reduce the environmental impact of food products by replacing plastic trays such as polystyrene foam trays used in skin packs with paper-based materials using Toppan’s GL films.

The company has been offering samples since February 2020, and is planning full-scale sales from December 2020.

The company intends to expand sales of green flats to food processing manufacturers, fresh food supermarkets, and other businesses, and to achieve sales of one billion yen by 2023, including related orders.

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