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Sapporo Holdings Ltd and Sapporo Breweries Ltd announced a comprehensive partnership agreement with Fukushima Prefecture in Tohoku region of northern Japan.

From left: Mr Komatsu of Sapporo Holdings, governor of Fukushima Prefecture Mr Uchibori and Mr Takashima of Sapporo Breweries

The purpose of this Agreement is for Fukushima Prefecture and the group to form partnerships and cooperate with each other to effectively utilize the resources and know-how possessed by both sides, and to contribute to the revitalization of local communities, such as the reconstruction since the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, the promotion of sports, tourism, and the promotion of prefectural products.

It launched the Sapporo Project for Future of Tohoku in 2012 and has continued to support the reconstruction of the region.

Going forward, the company intends to further strengthen its collaboration with Fukushima Prefecture in order to contribute to its future development and local communities.

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