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Okinawa Electric Power Company and NEC Corporation have announced a demonstration experiment to estimate the danger level of traffic accidents. By installing a security camera on a pole near Agena intersection, which is a school route in Okinawa prefecture, AI analyzes traffic flow data using images.

This demonstration uses AI to identify people, ordinary cars, large cars, etc. from the image of the observation camera installed in the telephone pole, collects and analyzes traffic flow data such as number of car types, speed, and amount of pedestrian traffic, and estimate the risk of traffic accidents in each time zone.

In addition, by using the Okinawa IoT Platform to provide estimated hazard level information, local governments are expected to utilize it as effective data for examining the development of infrastructure for preventing accidents and alerting the public to safety.

The two companies intend to further improve the accuracy of forecasts by incorporating not only traffic flow data, but also facilities data such as schools, public services, welfare, etc., and information such as events and weather data, as well as traffic accident data.

The validation period is until February 2020.

Original Text: https://ampmedia.jp/2019/12/16/okiden_nec/