Dentsu’s subsidiary company Caroset Inc, a provider of C-to-C [consumer to consumer] services, has launched a car-swapping service “CAROSET”.

CAROSET is an innovative car-sharing business model which does not require exchange of money between car owners. While the service membership is free until May 31 2020, members will be paying 780-yen monthly fee starting from June.

Upon registering their vehicles on CAROSET app, service users can swap cars with fellow app users for a limited time. Service users can drive other members’ cars for the same number of days their own vehicles are used by others.

For example, users heading to mountains for skiing can swap their car for an SUV with studded tires designed for winter driving.

Inspired by concept of “Open Personal Asset (OPA) in a fair society”, the company aims to expand its swap-based business model to other useful items.