HR consulting firm TalentA Corp. has partnered with Hiring Intelligence platform HireVue to launch “HireVue game-based assessment”, a recruitment method expected to be increasingly used by employers in Japan.

A new form of pre-hire assessment is built as game and creates fast-paced and engaging experience for job candidates.

While traditional recruitment methods focus on a candidate’s previous work experience, HireVue evaluates a person’s cognitive skills such as:

  • ability to adapt to unfamiliar situations
  • ability to absorb and operate new information
  • dynamic thinking, i.e. ability to independently find right solutions and systematically apply to a complex problem
  • displaying creative skills in an unpredictable environment

Both PCs and smartphones can be used for game-based assessment.

With widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation of the workplace, a set of skills and competencies required from employees will be changing as well. Addressing this need, HireVue platform is designed to evaluate a candidate’s potential to “grow, learn and thrive” at work. Rather than requiring a correct answer, a game-based assessment targets innovative talents in prospective employees.

HireVue also plans to integrate emotional quotient (EQ) into the platform as such qualities as emotional intelligence and strong social skills are expected to play greater role in future jobs.