Nagoya-based Sonoligo Inc. started its eponymous subscription service to inspire wider interest and participation in art, music and sports.

Users can choose from three subscription plans. Sonoligo Premium subscribers pay a monthly fee of 2,980 yen to enjoy unlimited number of cultural events. Sonoligo Lite plan offers up to two events at 980 yen fee per month. Also, there is Sonoligo Free plan whereby users get free membership and can participate in one event per month upon paying a fee.

What is Sonoligo?

By subscribing to Sonoligo service, users can experience a wide range of culture and sports events such as classical music concerts, international arts festival Aichi Triennale, traditional Japanese arts of kabuki theatre and sit-down comedy rakugo.

The functionality of Sonoligo’s digital platform includes search function, bookings and entrance ticket registration which can all be done on a smartphone.

In Aichi Prefecture, where the service provider is based, well-known art event organizers such as Nagoya City Art Museum are taking part in the project, and private companies are including the service in employee benefit plans.

Sonoligo service is the first of its kind as it combines various genres of culture and sports activities into a single platform, thereby creating a borderless “culture marketplace” where the public can get access to information about forthcoming events. The new service is estimated to contribute to over 80 percent increase in new customers and attracting new fans to the events.