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Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and SE4 Inc announced that they conducted demonstration experiments of remote control technologies using actual machines in Takizawa city (Iwate prefecture, Tohoku region) in northern Japan.

In this demonstration experiment, tried to remove snow by remote control using a shovel car equipped with a robotic remote control technology currently being developed by SE4.

In the technology used this time, the robot autonomously executes tasks by judging and instructing the necessary information such as specifying the work area from the scene of the site generated in the VR space.

In addition, when comprehensive judgments are necessary, such as determining work policies from complex factors such as site and soil conditions, it is possible for the user to execute work in the manual mode or to continue work by teaching the robot to take remedial measures.

The company says it will promote research and development to improve the technical accuracy required for excavation, leveling, and other operations that use construction machinery, based on the newly obtained data from this demonstration experiment.

Original Text: https://ampmedia.jp/2020/02/12/se4/