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Yamanashi Chuo Bank Ltd, Nippon Systemware Co Ltd (NSW) and NTT East Corporation announced that they would begin collaboration to promote ICT use in the Yamanashi region to achieve further economic development.

This time, the three parties have signed basic agreements on collaboration aiming to provide ICT solutions in cooperation with local companies.

As a specific initiative of each company, Yamanashi Chuo Bank grasped the various management issues of client companies and provided consulting for the introduction of ICT solutions.

Using its Yamanashi Data Center, NSW provides total ICT solutions, from system construction to operation and maintenance.

In addition, will support the promotion of digital transformation for local companies by utilizing the latest technologies centered on AI and IoT.

In addition to considering and proposing optimal ICT solutions for resolving the management issues faced by local companies, NTT East Corporation will also provide support for business expansion, such as ICT solutions provided by local companies.

Currently, while the majority of local SMEs are beset by labor shortages, issues such as “improvement of labor productivity” and “improvement of operational efficiency” have been raised as issues, and their response has become an urgent task.

Furthermore, responding to changes in social structures and business models accompanying the advancement of digitization is positioned as an important strategy for SMEs, and it is expected that ICT utilization will further increase in order to improve top-line earnings, such as by increasing added value, expanding sales channels, and strengthening sales capabilities.

Against this backdrop, the three companies, i.e. Yamanashi Chuo Bank, which provides consulting services to local companies, NSW, which supports and constructs digital transformation for companies, and NTT East Corporation, which provides access services such as optical lines and ICT solutions, collaborated.

It was decided to promote the use of ICT in the region, and to start efforts aimed at solving the diverse issues faced by local enterprises and developing the region’s economy.

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