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NEC Corporation announced that in April it will launch a self-scan checkout solution for retail businesses that will enable shop employees to work more efficiently and reduce checkout queueing by allowing shoppers to scan products using smartphones.

Shoppers use smartphones to scan product barcodes and pay at checkout counter.

Self-scan shopping is a service that allows customers to perform product scans and make payments using smartphones. The smartphone app for self-service shopping is linked to the shop’s information system via API. Shoppers can choose desired products from shop shelves and use their smartphone camera to scan the product barcode before placing in a shopping cart.

Payment can be made both with cash and credit cards by displaying a payment barcode from the app at the checkout counter.

By July this year, the company intends to add various forms of cashless payment, as well as various functions utilizing AI and AR (Augmented Reality) to improve security measures and customer convenience.

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