On 30 August 2019, Hitachi Systems has announced the launch of a cloud service as part of its existing “drone operation and management service”. The new service creates 3D models from 2D aerial images taken by drones, and provides diagnosis and oversight of photographed objects.

The service is well-suited to simple or small-sized constructions and buildings, allowing users to easily operate the database and pinpoint areas which require renovation in the generated 3D models (※1).

What is “Drone Operation and Management Service”?

The service uses a set of 2D images covering the whole object to generate its 3D model. The relevant 2D images of an object are linked to its 3D model, allowing users to oversee constructions and spot problematic areas by accessing 3D database in the cloud.

As for its pricing model, the company has transitioned from flat-rate pricing to a flexible pay-as-you-go system allowing users to adjust the cost of service use.

Companies, which outsource data processing due to economies of scale or for other reasons, could benefit from the use of this service.

Aiming to strengthen partnerships in its drone business, Hitachi Systems plans to expand the adoption of its “drone operation and management service” at over 200 enterprises till 2020.

(※1) Hitachi Systems Ltd continues to offer its expertise for 3D modeling of large-size and complex structures, and projects demanding high-quality 3D models.