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Panasonic Corporation announced that it decided to take a 20% strategic equity stake in Blue Yonder, a company specializing in end-to-end supply chain software, and reached a final agreement with its stockholders.

This is an equity investment based on the $5.5 billion corporate value of Blue Yonder, and Panasonic Corporation owns the shares as a limited minority interest.

One of Blue Yonder’s nine seats on the board is given.

The move will expand strategic partnerships between the two companies, including a Japanese joint venture announced in April 2019, and accelerate the creation of an autonomous supply chain for both Panasonic Corp and Blue Yonder.

Blue Yonder platforms that leverage edge technologies over IoT can use machine-learning to facilitate faster, more changing business decisions and deliver autonomous results.

In the Japanese marketplace, Panasonic System Solutions Japan Co Ltd will work with its partners to sell Blue Yonder’s current Luminate solutions, and will promote growth by jointly developing new solutions on the platform to strengthen the capabilities of client companies.

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