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On February 5 2020, Facebook Japan announced a comprehensive collaboration agreement covering six areas such as improving information literacy, disseminating attractiveness, supporting SMEs and entrepreneurs, and reinvigorating local communities.

In July 2018, the company concluded a collaborative agreement with Kobe city in Hyogo prefecture (Kansai region on Honshu island) and Shimonoseki city in Yamaguchi prefecture (Chugoku region on Honshu island) in January 2019, and with five cities (Morioka city in Iwate, Yokote city in Akita, Yuzawa city, Daisen city, and Semboku city) in Tohoku region of northern Japan in July of the same year, in order to support local economies.

As its local community revitalization programme is delivering positive results, the company will conclude a cooperative agreement with Osaka Prefecture (Japan’s urban prefecture in Kansai region), which will become the first prefectural level.

By utilizing Facebook/Instagram in a wide range of fields, such as SME promotion, improvement of information literacy, and dissemination of attractiveness, it is expected to support the improvement of public services, and growth and development of the prefecture.

Osaka prefecture will be opening “Osaka: with Facebook into the Future” seminar on March 17-18 for local SMEs and tourism businesses and “information literacy” seminar on March 19 for administrative staff. Both seminars have already started receiving applications for participation.

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