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On February 19, mixi Inc and the Athlete Flag Foundation announced the launch of Unlim, a sports gifting service based on the concept of a new kind of support for athlete teams.

Unlim is a financial support service for athlete teams that face financial challenges and are facing difficulties in competing or taking on new challenges, and for athlete teams that are willing to contribute to society but have not yet achieved their goal through sports.

Fans can give support points to athlete teams by giving gifts to the athlete flagship foundation through Unlim.

The Athlete Flag Foundation uses the donated support points as a source of funds to provide support for 67% to 83% of donations from fans to each athlete team.

When gifts are made via collaborative media, a part of the amount of gifts is distributed to the collaborative media.

As for the support methods, fans can choose the athlete team to support on Unlim official website and support the athlete team in 2 ways: “gifting” or “sharing and recruiting peers.”

If you select Gifting, you can freely set the amount of donation to the Athlete Flag Foundation and donate it, and donate support points from the Athlete Flag Foundation to the athlete team.

The company plans to use the expertise it has cultivated in mixi and Monster Strike smartphone apps to develop and operate Unlim.

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