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Agree Inc, which operates medical consultation app LEBER, announced that it has completed a total of 430 million JPY of funding through a third-party allocation increase from a total of 12 entities, including Miraca Holdings Inc (a parent company of clinical testing services provider SRL Inc), Toppan Printing Co Ltd, and Delight Ventures (DeNA’s subsidiary).

LEBER is a medical advice platform where one can obtain doctors’ recommendations on suitable medical facilities or over-the-counter drugs based on patients’ symptoms.

Automated inquiry systems have been adopted to match symptoms, allowing for the creation of multiple accounts and counseling of families, as well as for the welfare of companies and medical consultation services for nurseries and facilities for the elderly.

The company plans to create and expand services that do not use insurance outside of medical institutions through this funding.

The company plans to create new monthly fixed-value services for individuals, develop AI occupational physicians for corporations which pay attention to employees’ physical and mental health, and develop child-care support tools for municipalities.

Original Text: https://ampmedia.jp/2020/02/05/agree/