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Japan Paper Association carried out a survey on the use of paper and digital media by business people in their 20s to 60s in Japan.

The survey results are summarized into following four points:

Survey result #1:

Over 50 percent prefer “paper media” for books, comics, magazines,letters, notebooks and newspapers, etc.

While 73.5 percent want to read books in paper format, 68.9 percent prefer paper letters, 54.9 percent like reading a print version of newspapers and 58.6 percent prefer their notebook in paper format.

In the meantime, 83.6 percent prefer pictures in digital format to share with friends, and 79.8 percent like digital maps for the easy-to-search functionality.

Survey result #2:

Paper is good for making notes and easy to carry around.

While 43.2 percent prefer paper for note-taking, about 30 percent enjoy the warm feeling it provides.

Survey result #3:

Sixty percent prefer their notebooks in paper format.

Forty-two and seven-tenths percent intend to continue using a paper notebook in the future.

Survey result #4:

Paper provides peace of mind and can be used for notes other than scheduling, say 56.7 percent.

As for digital media, while 57.8 percent appreciate it for ubiquitous nature, 40.6 percent point out the convenience of search function.

Survey details:

Sample: 623 business people in their 20s to 60s in Japan.

Methodology: internet survey during Nov 1-6 2019.

Source: Japan Paper Association survey

Original Text: https://ampmedia.jp/2019/12/02/paper/