On November 1 2019, Concur Technologies Inc., a business solutions provider, announced the results of a survey on life of business travelers around the world.

Conducted in the summer of 2019, the international survey takes a look at what business people worldwide and in Japan expect from work trips.

While travel implies a flurry of preparations such as getting a general idea about destinations in addition to checking hotel and flight availability, people seem to attach different priorities to travel-related tasks.

On a business trip, what is most important to you?

While business travelers worldwide pointed out “safety” as the highest priority (31 percent) during work trips, Japanese businessmen referred to “delivering results” as the main focus (43 percent) of travel.

What kind of travel related guidance do you find useful?

Sixty percent of Japanese travelers would like “tips on reasonably priced travel planning”, businessmen worldwide opting for “safety guidance” at 52 percent.

Considering the business travel management practice is not common and businessmen in Japan usually make their own travel bookings, this may explain travelers’ interest in trip planning guidance.

Do you have travel worries: before, during and after the trip?

While people worldwide worry most (37 percent) before the trip, 56 percent of businessmen in Japan responded they felt most anxious after the trip.

The delays in reimbursing travel expenses, as pointed out by 58 percent of respondents, could be adding to post-travel stress in Japan.

Survey sample: 7,850 persons from 22 countries.
Source: SAP Concur Japan