A subsidiary of Hakuhodo DY Holdings Inc., AD plus VENTURE Co. Ltd, has announced the launch of LossLess Co., a sharing service provider, dated September 26 2019.

This autumn, LossLess is about to start a new sharing service “Penguin Storage” based on a concept of “smart living”. Inspired by the “cloud” concept in computing services, the service aims to offer a “cloud storage” of all kinds of things people find useful.

At a monthly subscription fee of 500 yen ($4.7), service users get access to diverse items such as outdoor and travel goods, sports and leisure items, electronic goods and DIY items, etc. Thus, subscribers can use any preferred item in the storage room.

By outsourcing tasks such as storage, maintenance, and disposal to the service provider, subscribers can use needed items without ownership. Transcending standard rental service, the company aims to provide more options for comfortable living.

Ahead of starting the service in spring 2020, LossLess plans to launch “Penguin Storage” web site around November this year.