On 12 September 2019, Payke Inc. announced the launch of its new service “Payke Research” targeting inbound tourists to Japan.

Payke’s flagship service is its eponymous app which provides shopping-related information to tourists visiting Japan. “Payke” app counts 3.6 million people among its users, with over 300 thousand products of over 1200 companies registered in its database. When app users scan a product barcode, the product-related information is shown on a smartphone screen in one of seven languages including English, translated from original information in Japanese.

As for “Payke Research” service, it makes it possible to collect reliable data on “Payke” app users’ shopping preferences during their stay in Japan. Surveys can be conducted based on such criteria as users’ age, nationality, gender, length of stay in Japan, etc.

The new service opens many opportunities to product makers, retail companies and governments bodies in the form of market research and trend surveys, volume analysis, understanding of competing brands and consumer behavior, cluster analysis, customer satisfaction, usage and attitude surveys, etc.

By providing consumer behavior data to product makers and retail companies, and its multilingual service to shoppers in Japan, the company aims to create the best customer experience for tourists.